Set of Solimano+Roxelana Small Vases

CHF 183.00

Set of 2 sculptural vase that reinterpret the traditional male and female Moor's heads of Caltagirone ceramics into a contemporary key, and proposes them in monochromatic models. Handcrafted in Italy, Solimano and Roxelana Small, h20 cm, are available in multiple colors.

The voluminous turban and the thick mustache. The sumptuous hairstyle and the precious jewels.

The couple of vases represents the proud and mysterious figures of Suleiman the Magnificent and Roxelana, his wife charged with important roles in Ottoman politics and culture.

As a tribute to ceramic art and to Middle Eastern peoples who spread its technique, the set of vases propose the male and female Moorish heads of the of the Caltagirone ceramic tradition and reinterprets them in a contemporary way; vibrant glazed monochromes, referring to the shades of Sicilian sky and land, highlight the lines and the details.

Sculptural vases that can be used as decorative elements or as containers, flower holders, cachepot vases for plants, they fit to any indoor and outdoor spaces with an outlandish and precious style.

The pieces are handcrafted following artisanal techniques, so that they are never perfectly the same, and they may show slight variations in shape and color, which denote their value and uniqueness.


material: glazed ceramic

color: Madonie white, Tindari blue, Stromboli black, black and Monreale golden, Leonforte peach, Trapani pink, Serradifalco yellow, Falconara mustard yellow, Favignana turquoise blue, Ucria green, Ispica violet

dimensions: Ø18 x H20 cm

more details: handcrafted in 3 weeks by order


shipping time: 10-20 working days

shipping cost: free above €150, with the exception of products with large volumes. The cost for each order is calculated at check-out during registration.


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