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Bring green indoors
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Bring green indoors

If we can't have a garden, why not recreate a green area inside?

Adding green inside brings a lively atmosphere, helps clean the air and provide more oxygen. But above all, green is good for the mind and body, reduces stress, stimulates creativity and helps concentration.

All plants requires the right temperature, light, water, air and care. It is therefore important to invest time, choose the right location, away from heat sources and drafts of air, and the adequate sun exposure.

The indoor plants that most easily resist the green thumb test are succulents, because they grow slowly, are less demanding and adapt to more contexts. Large, small, of different kinds and shapes, the succulents, such as Aloe Vera, Crassula Ovata, Yucca, are a beautiful addition to any home.  They stock up on water for long periods: this is why they have fleshy leaves and rounded stems.

Large indoor plants offer a great way to add exotic vibes to your daily life.  From the entrance to the living room, depending on the brightness, you can choose Kenzia, Ficus lyrata, Ficus Alii or the ever-loved Monstera which create incredible and scenographic effects.

For smaller spaces, or even more humid ones such as the kitchen that concentrates many heat sources, an original and poetic solution is the floating garden, the air plants suspended on hanging vases.

This technique, already widespread in ancient times, today is increasingly used and appreciated as a smart solution to optimize space. Among the most suitable plants, we suggest Peperomia Angulata, Tillandsia, Senecio rowleyanus (String of Pearl).

Once you’ve picked up your favorite houseplants, elevate them with original pots and decorative planters. Displayed alone or in a group, the indoor plants create beautiful contrast and movement that works with any style.

Liven up your home with greenery.



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