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Working from home

Working from home

The last few years have brought us to a flexible dimension of life, with more and more fluid boundaries. Home has also changed its role, becoming the only living space where everything happens.
The “new normal” trend forced everyone to create a comfortable and efficient home working space to improve the productivity and recreate a harmonious environment. 
Healthy seating
It is very important to get a correct posture while working and you should go for a solution able to encourage it. The VLUV seating balls offer a dynamic and modern seating concept and promote back health naturally.

Round, colorful, fun, they fit any style and environment and can also be used as a training tool. The body makes naturally and subconsciously permanent micro-movements to maintain balance, this constant activity trains the muscles and keeps your joints and spine in motion.

More space without space

Low on space? We suggest the Hedera freestanding desk, an innovative, sustainable and modular solution that responds to the growing need for a flexible and compact workstation.

Thus, a simple decorative panel turns into a wall-mounted desk featuring different configurations. Sitting on a chair, on a stool or standing: different and effective postures that allows you to significantly increase productivity.

Design Desk

If you have the space, you can choose a statement desk to add character to the environment.

We hand-picked K16, an elegant desk that is inspired by classic furniture and reinterprets them in a contemporary and highly functional way. The top offers a hidden area for computer cables or other digital tools that helps maintain order; the two push-to-open drawers hold papers, notebooks and other office accessories; the two side spaces are perfect for decorating with plants that help concentration and well-being.

The Wunderkammer of productivity

The Studiolo has a long history, in the Renaissance it was the place of culture and work, then more and more it has been transformed into a room of wonders, a space where to store and collect objects, books and much more.

The new needs lead us to re-appropriate its origin and to provide a room entirely dedicated to productivity. The Mare storage and Atollo desk help you to create a customized, decorative, and functional project.

Smart Organizer

Keep an organized desk maximize the productivity and convey a sense of harmony.

The MI CASA desk organizer will allow you to work more efficiently by offering you the right light, a useful support to keep mobile phones standing during video calls, a small compartments for storing work accessories, pencils, notes...




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