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Italian and French journalist, founder and Curator of the Creative and Sustainable International lifestyle BlogAzine My Creative Cup of Tea #MCCOT; former contributor to La Stampa and Corriere della Sera and; in particular for the column dedicated to Houses of the online magazine Living she covered numerous renovation projects in the architectural and interior design fields, both Italian and international.

His debut novel, the romantic comedy Appuntamento al Ritz [A date at the Ritz] published by Baldini + Castoldi was released in 2012, followed in 2013 by the long-awaited sequel Una promessa di felicità [A Promise of Happiness]. In 2017, her third novel Un'avventura americana [An American Adventure] was published by Rizzoli. In 2021, the romantic comedy Miss Cartier was released by The Pink Factory Publishing.

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On Debou, she presents Shop-Art in the City, a photographic project, conceived during the travels, which portrays urban architectures reflected on the windows of fashion boutique, offering unusual perspectives.

A short description of your collection.
Shop-Art in the City by Hélène Battaglia is an innovative and unusual concept that features photographic shots, dedicated to metropolises, which mix, in a completely unexpected way, urban architecture and fashion.

What inspires you?
My shots were born a few years ago while walking through the streets of Milan, where I lived for over eleven years, Paris and other metropolises that have inspired me during my travels. I started looking at the shopping streets with different eyes and I rediscovered the cities thanks to their magical architectural reflections. I started shooting almost by accident. The experimentation was successful and I found my arty chic & glam style.

Since then I have never looked at shopping windows as simple shop windows but for the potential wonderful shots they could offer me.

Is there a metaphorical place yet to be discovered that you would like to approach?
I need to daily nourish my aesthetic sense through the exaltation of the beauty of the world around us. Architecture and fashion, for me inexorable sources of creativity, inspired these shots. I would like to continue to experiment at 360 ° through the creation of customized capsule collections in the field of fashion and interior design. I've done it before and I liked it so much.

Your project style in three words.
Sophisticated, colorful and glam. And, if I could add a fourth adjective, I would say, also innovative.

If your project was a song?
It depends on the day I shoot. But, unlike when I write and I can't do without music, when I shoot I let the numerous noises of the city accompany me. Sometimes even its few, almost magical, silences. 

An artist’s task?
The contemporary artist creates for himself. But, also and above all, to invite others into his creative universe. I like committed artists who use their art as a communication tool. As a striking example of what I mean, the mysterious street artist Bansky immediately comes to my mind. His works are purely politically uncorrect. I admire his courage. My mission is different. I offer contemplative moments of pure aesthetics. I like the idea that those who carefully observe one of my works can rediscover a city they already know, with a completely different eye. As happens to me, every time I shoot.

Photo Credits: Tino Vacca.

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