Scented Candle


140 g glass candle with different scents, a choice of 6 fragrances: fig leaves, blotch rose, juniper berries, citrus grove, almond tree or oak wood. .

FIG LEAVES Conceived as an ode to the iconic Mediterranean plant and to the beautiful summer days of a holiday in Puglia. The bright and aromatic scent of fig leaves combines with the vibrant notes of its fruits and woody accents, creating an elegant fragrance with delicately herbaceous scents. 

BLOTCH ROSE Ode to the wild rose which, with its gentle strength, climbs and thrives on the dry stone walls, the olive trees and the arid myrtle bushes of the Mediterranean scrub. The green and aromatic scent of the leaves joins the flowery and delicate notes of its petals to culminate with the dry and enveloping scent of scrub wood.

JUNIPER BERRIES Inspired by the generous bush with silvery reflections of foliage and its very black berries which are ripe and gathered in autumn in rustic wicker baskets when the air gets cooler. It is a nocturnal, balsamic fragrance, with dry and mineral accents like the limestone rock on which it grows luxuriantly.

CITRUS GROVE The energizing notes of lemon fruits and the invigorating ones of bitter orange characterize this fresh and luminous fragrance with an accent of wild mint. 

ALMOND TREE Enveloping hints of toasted almonds combine with a sweet and woody note, creating a relaxing atmosphere. A riot of pink flowers warmed by the first spring sun.

OAK WOOD Scent of resin, wood and embers blend together giving life to a fragrance that is meditative, fascinating and enveloping at the same time, which evokes the first days of winter in the countryside, when the fire burns in the fireplace and the crackling fills the silence creating an aura of calm and serenity.

The candles are hand poured by a historic Italian wax factory using only 100% soy wax without any addition of paraffin to ensure a pleasant, clean and safe combustion without the release of harmful substances.

The fragrances used do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, nor have they been tested on animals or derive from genetically modified raw materials.

The product is accompanied by its recycled cardboard and raw linen box. A conscious and sustainable design choice, respectful of the inseparable link between craftsmanship and territory.


material: candle in a glass holder, cotton wick

dimensions: Ø8,2 x H5,9 cm

weight: 140 gr

more details: burning time approx. 25 hours


shipping time: 8-12 working days

shipping cost: free above €150, with the exception of products with large volumes. The cost for each order is calculated at check-out during registration.


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