Founded in 2017 by Imma Matera (product designer) and Tommaso Lucarini (designer maker) TipStudio is a young project born between Matera and Pietrasanta, active in product and graphic design field. The studio has a essential project vision aimed at a critical and emotional anyalisis of the product, through an experimental research on materials.A dialogue between the uniqueness of the artisanal know-how and a new innovative language.

“We love designing stories, places and things of craftsmanship and design”

On Debou we present the vase collection “Perpetua”

A short description of your collection.
Perpetua is a self-produced collection of vases entirely made from local materials. It creates a connection between the different artisanal traditions of Tuscany, through the use of materials found in construction sites. The marble waste from mainly sculptural activities are salvaged and reinterpreted with numerical control machines and then polished by hand. The iron, unsure material, corroded, becomes support for the single flower.

Perpetua offers a critical and contemplative point of view upon productive excess by creating a dialogue concerning the neglect and recovery of places and spaces.

What inspires you?
The inspiration comes mainly from observation of what surrounds us, the need to tell the story of places, people and objects linked to tradition through irony and the use of a traditional material. It becomes a way of talking about oneself.

Your style in three words
Poetic, meticulous, material.

A short description of your collection.
Obviously the materials are the foundings of our projects. Research and experimentation, the combination of them becomes a dialogue between shapes.

Which object do you wish to design?
There isn’t a specific object we would like to design. The dream is mainly linked to the “subject” for which we are designing and the idea we want to communicate. However, the most stimulating challenge lays in furniture, more than in the singular object.

If your brand was a song?
Without any doubt the Italian singer-songwriter tradition, to be specific Fabrizio De Andrè and his “poetry”.

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