Spaziotasso is a design workshop. It’s founder Ettore Marcellan desires to combine his technical skills and knowledge to an aesthetic vision he cultivated within his architectural studies, at IUAV in Venice. Spaziotasso proposes a multidisciplinary approach, transversal to compositional research, aesthetic vision and manual skills. Works range from small objects to pieces of furniture, to interior design.

Constant research and experimentation of craft techniques and methods define the practice: knowing the technical process enriches the project, just as, conversely, studying the shapes leads to search for the perfect technique to obtain the desired aesthetic qualities.

A short description of your collection.
Every object has a function and a utility. I like it the idea that the objects I make can fit any kind of space and take part in their users daily domestic life. My objects have in common a search for neatness and essentiality, based on the study of geometry and shapes; sharp and clean-cut lines and round and soft profiles appear separated or combined in the formal compositions. "Animali del bosco - Woodland Animals" cutting boards collection is narrative and ironic. I like the idea that, thanks to their shapes, these objects can recall memories and bring joy to their users.

What inspires you? 
Ideas arrive a little everywhere and when I least expect them. They can come while I’m working manually, or while I’m looking for the solution to a customer request.

Your style in three words.
Functional, divergent, simple.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours? 
The one that is not there. I try to work by taking off as much as possible. I like to think that synthesis is the detail.

Which object do you wish to design?
An object representing all aspects I'm interested in: functionality, technique, irony, essentiality.

If your brand was a song? 
I think it would look good in a Brazilian background, so I say: Tribalistas and in particular "Feliz e Saudável” song.

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