Riccardo Monte


Riccardo Monte is an architect, designer and maker. After finishing his architecture studies in 2008, he moves to London and began his professional career at "dRMM architects", an internationally renowned studio winner of the prestigious Stirling Prize.

While in the company, Riccardo becomes the Head of the Modelling Laboratory and, in addition to his work, he starts to learn more about the use of materials and their characteristics, with a special focus on wood.

In 2016, Monte decides to return to Italy and spend a period in the beautiful and isolated mountains of Ornavasso, where he has the first idea of opening his own laboratory. That’s when he starts to work with the renovation of old houses, development of design objects and some art initiatives.

On Debou, we present his collection of wooden accessories, unique pieces with flexible shapes that can be used as tables, stools and decorative elements.

A short description of your collection.
My collection of wooden furniture aims to convey the sense of form, weight and variations of the material. All the elements are exclusive pieces that give the impression of being something that has always existed, that lasts over time.

I work with chisel and chainsaw. As a finishing, I use the ancient Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban, the art of preserving wood using fire.

What inspires you?
The study of simple and effective ancient techniques has an important influence on my work. For each creation, I want to give a sense of peace and harmony with nature.

3 adjectives to describe your style.
Timeless, simple and material-oriented.

The detail that makes the difference... What's yours?
The distinctiveness of the product. Each customer has a piece of furniture that no one will ever have the same.

If your brand was a song.
Ancient music that becomes classical music over time.

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