400GON is an architecture studio based in Naples, specialized in interior and product design. A team of young architects who works on different kind of spaces, moving from the intimacy of an apartment to the convivial atmosphere of a restaurant, through a complete curatorial support, from the concept to the final realization. This work is supported also by the product design, fueled by the continuous search on new materials and new forms. From here comes the project Ciabattino, a ceramic collection in limited edition.

A short description of your collection.
Ciabattino is a serving dish that wants to incorporate a daily gesture of the national tradition, “la scarpetta" [mop up your plate with bread], as an etiquette rule. Studied not only in its aesthetic, but above all in  its functional value, "Ciabattino" is a perfect merger between the world of design and the craftsmanship. The ceramic bowl, made and decorated by hand by traditional artisans from Vietri, is internally characterized by a double curvature that allows you to make the gesture of "scarpetta" without moving it. The external curve, on the other hand, allows a better grab of the bowl.

What inspires you?
The participation to the "Catanzaro Design Week 2018". The competition envisaged the importance of combining tradition and innovation, so we started from a "Neapolitan rite" of the "gourmet" table. The aim was to simplify and return the "scarpetta" gesture in the rules list of etiquette; this gesture is loved by the Neapolitans (and not only), viewed with suspicion but considered the final applause by many great chefs.

The "scarpetta" is the act of "collecting the sauce left on the plate by passing a piece of bread impaled with a fork, or more commonly held between the fingers". 

The absolute protagonists are the sauce, which the tradition wants to be the Neapolitan meat ragu (‘O rraù) and the bread strictly with crunchy crust and soft breadcrumbs (the italian "ciabatta" from which the bowl takes its name "Ciabattino".

Your style in three words.

Functional, eclectic, captivating.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
Our commitment in terms of quality and exclusivity has given life to a craft production of unique plates and decorations, in limited edition. Contamination, functionality and decoration are the basic elements of our work: contamination is as fundamental as the project. As from the Latin "signum", for us Design means "to design, to leave a mark". We started from the context, the mood, the place, the target with its desires and needs, then we tried to create a visual and emotional journey to bring a unique experience to consumer.

Which object do you wish to design?
Our attention continues to focus on the table and the art of preparation, a field that fascinates us. We will certainly try to expand our borders following the concept of eclecticism, a cornerstone of our philosophy.

If your brand was a song?
We prefer Italian songwriters because they reflect the values ​​of craftsmanship, refinement and made in Italy that are the basis of our projects.


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