MoodWood is a design project of Made in Italy wooden products, created to conceive shapes and shades that adapt to the changeability of an evolving reality. Colors, handcrafted finishes and sustainability are the hallmarks of the brand, designed to help everyone feel at ease in everyday spaces.

MoodWood declines the “less is more" principle, widely used, and perhaps abused, in the world of design, transforming it into a precise identity: products that can lend themselves to different uses and that are perfectly suited to different environments and needs.

Seats and furnishing accessories characterized by different combinations of shades that support the natural grain of the wood, giving them a lively and modern identity. Precision and handcrafted finishing are, then, a winning combination that allows you to combine high quality standards with the art of woodworking.

On Debou we present a selection of seats and furnishing accessories from the first two collections, Arco and Zero.

A short description of your collection.
Our first collection, “Arco”, comes from the idea of seats and furniture made with wooden elements that fit together forming an arch. The arch frames our lines and is able to create the design suitable for any contemporary environment. All the products in the line (chair, stool and coffee table) have the same interlocking system that makes them easy to assemble and stable at the same time. Each wooden element is customizable and available in different colors that can be combined according to the most varied combinations.

What inspires you?
The everyday life, the people who live workspaces for sharing moments, working or just for leisure. The inspiration for MoodWood came from careful observation and awareness of the evolution of what surrounds us.

Your style in three words.
Versatile, inclusive, essential.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
Making wooden seats and furniture accessories is certainly not an original idea, but what distinguishes MoodWood is combining the design of a quality product with the need to change by limiting waste. Choosing MoodWood means buying a product that will last over time without becoming obsolete because it is able to accommodate the changing tastes of the customer, offering them the possibility to replace only the parts they deem necessary.

Which object do you wish to design?
Our brand was born recently, but we would like people in the future to be able to think about designing and managing their spaces entirely with MoodWood. We therefore dream of a Moodwood line complete with everything: furniture and home accessories in wood and other materials that reflect our production philosophy. A 360°design.

If your brand was a song?
We would be (we would like to be) a song by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, an artistic partnership that always culminates in sophisticated and captivating sound, able to convince different audiences: from pop lovers, to the eclectic followers of Lady Gaga, a world style icon, to jazz and swing lovers. Besides, both artists have Italian roots.

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