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Architect and designer, owner of Loft Lighting, Samanta Frison in 2018 took over Canal Street family brand, present on the market since 1980s, to continue the production of the collection: aluminum lamps, modular and industrial vintage styled, inspired by 1930s New York atmosphere. Made in Italy by master craftsmen, from that era the lamps retain the charm and the simple elegance, and perfectly fit and distinguish any interior location.

A short description of your collection.
Canal Street collection is a modular lighting system, versatile and easy to apply: every structure can be combined to a variety shade lamps, to meet customers preferences. Made with natural materials, the products have both vintage charm and a modern, so that they fit to any kind of interior space and furniture.

Your style in three words.
Functional, versatile, eclectic.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
The craftsmanship, entrusted to small Italian companies, continuously working enhancing the quality of materials. And our products versatility.

Which object do you wish to design?
I would like to expand the collection with new elements, some of them we are already prototyping, in order to satisfy as many lighting requirements as possible.

If your brand was a song?
I would say that Canal Street would be jazz … because light can both be a solo instrument or play together with other elements, differently effecting our emotions.

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