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Kanz is a design office founded in Venice by the architects Mauro Cazzaro and Antonella Maione and based on the idea that the natural relationship between architecture, interior and product is the starting point for the creation of the artificial soul of the project. The two Venetian architects experiment with a complex process that already in the design phase strongly involves the artisan production as well as a kind of industrial dimension which does not exclude the idea of independence in the production.

On debou, we present a selection of glass and wood table accessories.

A short description of your collection.
Our collection is made of functional objects, not unique pieces, as we think that is important linking the project to the daily life, matching the idea of beauty with the materials and the manufacturing solutions. Our main idea about design object it can be synthesized in one word, that is “pleasure”, the pleasure to own an object and the pleasure to use it. Our pleasure il also for materials, above all for the glass, an attractive and interesting material, and for the wood, for its sensuality.

What inspires you?
The ideas come up by cooking, by visiting an exhibition, by observing an artisan at work, or simply talking each other. Of course, not all are good, we need to make an honest selection.ì

Your style in three words. 
Dynamic, concrete, contemporary.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
The pleasure that cover desire and needs.

Which object do you wish to design?
Something that no one has ever thought

If your brand was a song?
Simple, the indie genre. “If you are feeling sinister” of Belle and Sebastian

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