Garret's Memories


Garret's Memories is a workshop that searches for beauty inside objects coming from the past, objects abandoned, discolored and rusty. For Simone and Lorenza, the founders, each object represents a unique piece, not replicable and different from the others; so they tell the unique story of everyone of them, by combining colors, shapes and materials.

A short description of your collection.
Garret's Memories presents a double collection of vintage chairs, inspired by a retro industrial style. A mixture of oxidized metal and the reference to the pattern of old grits characterizes Cemen-Tine collection; within L collection, the metal, typical of the industrial style, meets fabrics with an elegant texture and motifs from the vintage world.

What inspires you? 
Nature is our first source of inspiration, with its harmonious shapes and the colors of the seasons.

Your style in three words.
Evocative, eccentric, timeless.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours? 
The use of abandoned and recycled materials with solid and unique personality. Each object we create has a soul and is therefore marked with a proper name.

Which object do you wish to design?
Making furnishing objects in series, starting from vintage objects and changing their function.

If your brand was a song? 
Not a specific song, but an eccentric 80's style, fresh and involving.

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