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CRAAB [Craft Laboratory] is a start-up born from the will of its founders to conceive, develop and manufacture innovative products characterized by a functional, contemporary and sustainable design with a strong craftsmanship vocation.

CRAAB products want to simplify the everyday life and are conceived to be experienced in the current period characterized by a return to Italian artisan tradition.

CRAAB's mission is to create a Digital Shop with a products offer able to satisfy new and diversified needs, focusing on the highest quality standards. Experience, knowledge, passion and attitude are the ingredients of the CRAAB project.

On Debou we present an exclusive preview of the Hedera product, a compact and innovative smart desk.

A short description of your collection.
The first product of our digital workshop is HEDERA, an innovative compact, flexible, configurable and sustainable Smart Desk. Conceived and patented (Patent Pending) by us, it stands out for two main features: functionality and well-being. On one hand, Hedera is an innovative response to the ever-increasing demand for suitable working areas, within domestic environment and not, not designed for such purposes. With a volume of only 8cm, Hedera can be installed where no other work surface would find space, thus organizing each room according to specific need. When not used, the desk and wall units can be stored in the retractable rear compartment. On the other hand, Hedera is also the most innovative standing desk, as it allows you to easily alternate study or work at the desk, seated or standing at convenience, thus improving posture and productivity.

What inspires you?
The today’s needs of flexible work not covered by adequate living spaces or solutions, inspired us to develop HEDERA, a product whose purpose and main strength is summarized in its slogan: MORE SPACE WITHOUT SPACE. A solution characterized by particular attention to the user's comfort, the materials used and the final aesthetics of the product are the distinctive elements.

Your style in three words.
Simple, functional, contemporary.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
The craftsmanship of the product and the attention to the users well-being.

Which object do you wish to design?
At CRAAB we don't really define ourselves as designers, we love to experiment solutions to practical needs and turn them into products that actually help us simplify our daily life. "If it serves us, why can't it also serve others?" It is from this question that we started the project and precisely on this assumption we can say that what we really dream, therefore, is to continue designing solutions that can satisfy the needs of more and more people, always keeping up with the times.

If your brand was a song?
Funky… energetic, authentic, groovy.

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