Claudio Pulicati


Young designer Claudio Pulicati signed his first collection, GEA, colored vases for a flower created with a special technique that includes ceramic vases covered with clay showing a rough texture on the surface.

A short description of your collection.
A man is born naked, "dressed" by the skin that protects its body, covered in clothes. Similarly, these white single-flower vases are born on the ground dressed by the colored shell, which turns into dusty appearance after a delicate treatment, allowing the essence of the ceramic material to come out. Gea is characterized by a thick shell with rough skin which can hide a flower bed, a germinal place.

Name taken from mythological divinity primal, which as a mother generative, contains, protects and nourishes, waiting to guard the gift of a love.

What inspires you?
The dual law of nature from the place where I grew up gave me an inspiration. Ischia, an island of volcanic origin surrounded by the sea, where the consequences of the underground fire are visibly affecting the surface, a continuous struggle that is lost in the dream by observing the sea.

Your style in three words.
Live, tactile, mediterranean.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
A mixture of the texture, color, and light in the product. Following an idea of culture which can bring man back into the dimension of ritual, starting from doing simple things, like taking care of a flower, as suggested by the writings of great masters of Italian design.

Which object do you wish to design?
I am fascinated by the idea of creating mysterious objects that we do not have a defined function of use, but that bring with them the emotional values ​​of the Mediterranean.

If your brand was a song?
I would say the oneiric and visceral reinterpretation of the popular song from Naples by Salvio Vassallo, with the music album "Il tesoro di San Gennaro".

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