Chendù is a creative studio that embraces different areas of design: graphic, product, communication, interior and installation. Their aim is to look at things from a particular point of view, always reinventing the approach on harmony, form and substance.

The collection EGO – the first to be presented on Debou – was created having these principles in mind, and it consists on modular hexagonal furniture made of iron and wood, in two different colors, black and white.

EGO is the result of the Italian artisanal tradition combined with innovative techniques. The perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

A short description of your product.
E.GO are a modular hexagonal furniture made of lacquered iron and oak, a perfect way to give personality to the wall or the floor. Its flexible shape allows the user to create different designs every time. E.GOs are made in Italy by local craftsmen and each piece stands out for their dry, attractive and versatile design.

What inspires you?
With its eclectic Euclidean geometric shape, the hexagon offers ample room for interpretation and multiple possibilities of combination. It is also often associated with beehives and the bee’s diligence, and this is where EGO was born: from the desire to build and furnish the space in an elegant, efficient and personalized way.

Your style in three words.
EGO’s style is clean, recognizable and elegant, mostly thanks to its geometric, sharp and decisive lines. The combination of dark or light color with oak wood sets a Nordic tone, but with a flavor of Italian design.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
For us, the detail in the EGO is the predominant feature. Its extremely thin profile immediately arouses an idea of lightness, giving space to the different arrangements of the oak on the back and the 3 different fronts.

Which object do you wish to design?
I still haven’t thought of it yet, but hopefully I will!

If your brand was a song.
"Can't Do Without You" by Caribou.

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