Arianna De Luca


Arianna De Luca worked as interior designer in Italy, UK and South America; in 2017 she started working with ceramics, in order to create bespoke pieces for her interior projects, and by then she decided to give life to her own design collection. Now is based in Rome, where she runs her studio and artisanal workshop. Constantly seeking authenticity, she mainly focuses on the narrative and emotional side of objects and spaces she designs.

Her work is inspired by textures, colors and details that she captures in everyday life and worldwide travels; every piece, handcrafted and hand-painted, convey her deep passion for the artisanal technique and the elements from her Mediterranean background.

A short description of your collection. 
The collections presented on debou.it feature memories from Mediterranean heritage, and develop them with a contemporary language. Colors and shapes are taken up and reinterpreted to create objects evoking delicate scenarios: Mediterranean beaches, countryside and villages.

What inspires you? 
My inspiration comes from landscapes, objects and decorations of the cultural background I grew up in and that surrounds me. I like to combine my original background together with signs, colors and motifs of cultures and lands that I had the opportunity to get to know while traveling.

Your style in three words.
Fresh, sunny, full of contaminations

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours? 
The careful choice and combination of color palettes, the balance between refinement and boldness of forms.

Which object do you wish to design?
I am very fascinated by textile.

If your brand was a song? 
Italo Disco.

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