Anne Lhéritier


A graphic sign, an unravelling thread that creates a new world inhabited by stories and fantastic beasts. Flying stags, flamingos on stilts, sharks escaped from the seas. Dreamy and delicate illustrations drawn by the French graphic designer Anne Lhéritier, presenting here on Debou her series of “affiche” numbered in limited edition. For philosophical children and poetic adults.

A short description of your collection.

The animals in my collection play in equilibrium, cheerful, suspended. They seem enraptured by a dream. They tell hushed stories. In this world everything is a detail: the trajectories of the thread, the colors of my small creatures, of the background. At the same time, I work on each piece until the details disappear, assimilated by the overall impression.

What inspires you?
The creatures I draw have always inhabited by soul. It is the graphic sign that allows them to slowly come to life.

Is there a metaphorical place yet to be discovered that you would like to approach?
I still don’t know, I may find out while I draw.

Your project style in three words.
Cheerful, nostalgic… French, maybe!

If your project was a song?
Firstly the sounds of the forest, or of a small stream or pond, while from far away piano music approaches. Maybe someone playing Chopin with the windows open to the forest.

An artist’s task?
To save the world!

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