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The emerging brand ALBERTA Florence was lauched by Giulia Mondolfi, a green architect. The strong passion for nature, art and fashion led her to create unique pieces by the reuse of precious design fabrics. Scarfs, belts, pillows and total look inspired by the classical elegance, reinterpreted in a contemporary way. ALBERTA Florence is a brand concept of timeless accessories who does not follow fashion trends. 

A short description of your collection.

I draw unique and timeless accessories. The last collection get inspiration by the nature, its rhythm and times. This winter I “stole” flowers, leaves, and colours from the hill surrounding Firenze to bring to the city the emotions and the colours of the Tuscany countryside. My aim is to design a new feminine look, taking inspiration by the classical icons of the past, but reinterpreting in a new and contemporary way.

What inspires you?
Experiences and places of my childhood (Roma, Firenze with its hills, Maremma), my passion for nature, from plants to flowers, my addiction for design fabrics and my background in the architectural field. Furthermore, art and literature give me stimulus and suggestions. I take inspiration also from the past characters with a strong personality, as architects, painters or writers.

Your style in three words.
Timeless, Elegant, Simple.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
Scarfs, for summer and winter, featuring unusual colors and drawings, and precious fabrics.

Which object do you wish to design?
The headboards.

If your brand was a song?
Swing genre.

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