VLUV is the latest development by Kristof Hock, owner of HOCK-Style in motion, a renowned German company specialised in design and fitness products. VLUV is the world´s first brand that is all about covered seating balls. VLUVs bring healthy seating in style to your home or work space.

The idea came to Kristof´s mind when he visited a customer´s stylish design office and found an ugly pink PVC ball hidden in one corner. The idea to cover the ball with a warm and comfy material evolved. From that point VLUV was born.


Inspired by the design of old medicine balls, VLUV refined the balls by adding a design patented comfy handle and a slim ring to the bottom panel that prevents the ball from rolling away too easily.

An important advantage of the VLUVs is that the ball cover limits the expansion of the inner ball and in return reinforces the seating feeling. The seating position is more upright. The more rounded shape allows to rotate and bob perfectly.

On Debou we present the iconic seating balls series: Veel, Stov, Leiv, Sova and Varm.

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