Unico Milano


Unico Milano, a new brand that with its perfectly recognizable style redefines how we live the domestic environment, according the philosophy of “We don’t do ordinary”. Going over and surpassing what’s taken for granted, not only for what concerns aesthetics but also, and especially, the meaning of functionality itself. The mission of Unico Milano is to decorate and renovate each space with simplicity, accuracy and delicate elegance.

Furniture and accessories that capture the eye while maintaining a balance with the environment, creating a sort of ‘functional contrast’.

The selected materials, like iron and wood, come from tradition and are assembled in new and innovative combinations to create a style that Unico Milano describes as “harmonious comfort”. A contrast of materials such as walnut wood and hammered aluminium find their balance in basic structures with geometric lines.

On Debou we present a selection o cabinets, lamps and other piece of furniture reinterpreting the lines of classic design by acquiring a distinct personality.

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