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TEdo Design is a new and young Brand of lighting, who takes inspiration by the ecounter between tradition and design. The WINE LIGHT COLLECTION is the result of expert craftsmen who love to work with care and passion.

On Debou we present a selection of table lamps.

A short description of your collection.
WINE LIGHT COLLECTION combines shapes, colors, solidity of wood and transparency of glass. In a Wine Light lamp, tradition and design are blended together and you can recognize the three elements from which, according to Greek tradition, everything comes from: air, fire and earth.

The goblet's wood represents earth and nature. The glass is the main element, invisible but at the same time essential. The bulb invokes fire, a symbol of conviviality, warmth, and lights up inside the wooden element creating a warm light. The fabric-woven cable overcomes its functional features by creating a presence- absence game in an imaginary wine path.

What inspires you?
Wine Light takes inspiration by the wine culture with the idea of ​​giving a new function to the glass of wine, by creating a dialogue between tradition and industrial design.

Your style in three words.
Elegant for the simple shapes, original for the harmonic contrast between solidity and fragility, intuitive in the design inspired by the beauty of everyday life.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
The uniqueness of the product despite the repeatability of the shape.

Which object do you wish to design?
A modular tree house for adventurous and curious kids.

If your brand was a song?

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