STIP was founded in Milan in 2017 to bring together the experience of Elia Mangia and Maripaz Méndez. The aim is to give new impetus and form to design projects for furniture, lighting and accessories, based on a vision combining harmony, versatility and research.

STIP is harmony: joy in creativity, expressive originality and essential forms are combined to bestow balance and uniqueness on all projects. STIP possesses that uniquely Italian ability to create products of the highest quality, supplemented with the experience acquired throughout the world, the exploration of new perspectives on materials and techniques, the expression of potential.

STIP is versatility: every project is conceived to be flexible and adaptable to different settings and types of composition.

STIP is research: reinterpreting the tradition to offer new perspectives on the future. This also involves rethinking the very idea of living and the experience of spaces and objects.

All products are designed and produced in Italy.

On Debou we present a selection of STIP furniture: aluminium chairs, wall lights, multifunctional tray.

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