Sophie Mühlmann


Sophie Mühlmann, an eclectic artist, was born in turin in 1987. She pursued her fashion business graduation degree at Istituto Marangoni in Paris and worked as junior consultant for Uberta Zambelletti and her concept store Wait and See, in Milan, and as junior fashion consultant for the NY based company Whitaker International, managing fashion and merchandising for home and apparel.

In 2013 she was back to Italy, in the countryside of Pinerolo, where she started her personal research on the human being, its identity and interaction with the surrounding world. In this period she begin her artistic production of paintings and illustrations inspired by nature.

But not only that, its design research leads her to experiment with thoughts, ideas and emotions also on fabrics. Sophie Mühlmann moves in a cross-contamination path between fashion and art.

On Debou we present the “Herbs” project developing in paintings and pure cotton tea towels, and the “Nature” project with illustrations and special cover for Smartphone.  

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