For the Italian designer Michela Genghini, having a touch of color and elegance at home is never too much, and it is with this idea that PUFFMILANO was born. The inspiration came from the quote of the German architect Mies van der Rohe who once said “God is in the details”.

The pouf can be, at the same time, discreet and full of personality, an element able to enhance and bring a new characteristic to the interior of the house. Due to its versatile size, it can be easily adapted to any kind of furnishing style.

The PUFFMILANO collection is composed by Rolando and Romeo, two different velvet poufs presented in a diversified and contemporary color palette. With a corded edge that allows a chromatic play when it comes with a contrasting color, both sizes are suitable to be used as dining or lounge chair, footrest, coffe or bedside table.

Made by Italian artisans, the PUFFMILANO stands out for the quality of the materials, the solidity of the structure and the sophistication of the design.

The collection is sold online exclusively on Debou in all shapes and colors variations.

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