Lignis is a project that comes from a long tradition of the mother company, Leonardo Trade, in the woodworking. Years of experience in using veneer sheets for furniture covering, the continuous research and the passion for wood have stimulated the development of new projects. This is the origin of Lignis, a line of design products that creatively reinvents the classic inlaid wood: everyday accessories made with natural materials, unusual wood essences and visible manufacturing details, such as veins and knots, which enhance the artisan excellence. This collection stands out for its strong symbolic value that conveys quality, innovation and Italian taste. All products are designed and manufactured in Italy.

On Debou we present a selection of tableware and furnishing accessories, such as clocks and hangers.

A short description of your collection.
Our collection is composed by different product categories, but with a unique common theme: the wood with its natural characteristics and infinite shades. A universe of quality objects, exclusively made in Italy: wall clocks with inlaid wood, clothes hangers with amusing color effects, table accessories inspired by the lotus flower and characterized by a flexible profile.

What inspires you?
The passion for wood transmitted from father to son in 40 years of activity is the basis of our work: the experimentation on the material, the search for new solutions and unusual processing techniques lead to unusual aesthetic results. Lignis designs its products with the aim of enhancing the unique characteristcs of wood.

3 adjectives to describe your style.
Cozy, elegant, innovative.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
The wood revisited in an innovative way.

Which object do you wish to design?
We dream to create a destructured wooden object that could change its shape by using it.

If your brand was a song?
Lignis has the sound of an ancient, traditional musical genre, reassuring because it is known to all, but revisited with new and fresh interpretations able to project it into the future in a surprising way. Lignis could be a jazz: sparkling, energetic, with the most various colors.

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