Kiasmo represents a crossroads of different disciplines, art, architecture, and fashion. Its goal is to create, through a research of materials and technologies, works and artefacts that can be identified as recognizable design model. The collections are signed by Vincenzo D’Alba, architect, designer and artist, and are characterized by an utmost, timeless style, in line with the highest Italian manufacturing and craftsmanship tradition.On debou we presents the plates collection handmade in Italy, from the finest ceramics of Puglia and decorated with the decalcomania technique, and the men socks collection for a dandy style.

A short description of your collection.
Kiasmo is a recognizable brand, both in the high expressive and functional value of the artefacts and in its outcome, without stylistic prejudices. In fact, the innovation ability of the company can be found primarily in the choice to recognize the great historical and artistic heritage, and not only the Italian one, as a fundamental value for the design and creation of new works and artefacts.

What inspires you?
The inspiration comes from the continuous brainstorming and interdisciplinary connection of the group. The competences in different fields – architecture, art, design and fashion – are a stimulus for new upcoming ideas, solutions and projects.

Your style in three words.
Historical background, interdisciplinary approach, quality addiction.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
It is difficult to point out a single detail. 

Which object do you wish to design? 
Building a personal “museum” with all our unique pieces….It’s a dream we are working on to make it true.

If your brand was a song?
It’s hard, even in the musical field, define a unique genre for Kiasmo. Actually, we are working on a bespoke song, with Alberto Corrado Pezzuto composer, that could reflect our philosophy.

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