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A brand, a project, a harmony of visions. Industria Design was born from the meeting of two women and their passions: the aesthetic research from Caterina and the love for the world of mixology from Francesca. This is the origin of the first collection of enameled metal mugs depicting Victorian-esque symbols and illustrations.

Debou's selection is composed by Industria's best sellers and also an exclusive line of mugs, specially curated for our platform.

A short description of your collection.
The launch collection of Industria Design aims to unite two inspiring universes: the Victorian illustration style and the enamel material.

In the 19th century during the Victorian Era, black and white illustrations were used as commercial catalogues to present products to the public. Nowadays, living in the digital age, we realized that the idea of choosing a product through an illustration could be very interesting. That's when we discovered that enamel mugs could be the perfect application of this concept.

Born more than five thousand years ago, the enamel is made up of a layer of ceramic mixed with glass and clay that covers and protects the metal mould. It was used in the past as an ornamental covering for painted pottery and jewellery, and started to spread in Europe in the 14th century, when it began to be used on tableware and design objects.

What's your inspiration?
Industria Design comes to life from the union of two great passions: Caterina's vocation for design and aesthetic research and Francesca's unconditional love for the world of mixology and hospitality. But the intention is only one: to create a sophisticated and versatile art de la table that, behind an apparent simplicity, hides a deep attention to details, able to offer a memorable experience to those who use it.

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Essential, sophisticated, timeless.

The detail that makes the difference... What is yours?
The constant search for new inspirations, products, materials, ideas, trends...

Which object do you dream to design?
More than an object, we dream of opening an Industria Design concept bar where the customer can see the products during their use and also buy them.

If your brand was a song.
Sinnerman - Nina Simone & Felix Da Houscat's.

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