GEOGRĀFICA is a project born in 2014 from the idea of ​​the designer Karla Sotres to handcraft ceramic objects that take shape from their link with the production area.This characteristic makes GEOGRĀFICA an evolving project, which is transformed according to the territory and the people who live there. It was born in Mexico, the country of origin of its founder, and moved to Italy always remaining faithful to the places where is based.The payoff "cerámica en progreso" underlines the experimental nature of the products, the result of an approach that combines the emotionality of the person with the wisdom of the craftsman. The result is represented by unique, timeless pieces with an essential line, for a daily use at home and especially in the kitchen.

A short description of your collection.
The collection presented on Debou is very special to me; it is called ARQUETIPICA. Specifically, it is a series of stoneware ceramic vases made during the first half of 2020 that belong to the Extraordinaria line. “ARQUETIPICA” is an interior, maternal, ancestral collection. Forms originate in the uterus, emerge from within, are not designed but created. While I am sitting on the lathe, they form by themselves and I remain centered on myself, with a look inside, to the depths. These bowls, symbol of abundance, round and sensual, emerge from here ready to welcome, to embrace. This archetypal ceramic is made in a contemporary aesthetic key for a modern home.

This collection in particular was born with a thought for my of origin: Mexico. Which is warm, round, welcoming. In general, however, my numen (or inspiration) is the territory that surrounds me; in my case there are two: Italy and Mexico.

Your style in three words.
Material, delicate, essential.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
I work with extreme care and dedication, and I carefully follow the finishing of each piece. When I create an object, I think about the person who will then take it with him. During all its processing phases, I always try to visualize the sensory relationship that will be created between my product and the customer. Because each item is as unique as those who buy it are.

Which object do you wish to design?
I like daily rituals, so I'd love to design a tea set.

If your brand was a song?
It always changes, but in this period I would be a popular lullaby from the Japanese village of Itzuki, interpreted with a naked voice and without musical instruments. Because I think that today more than ever we need care and nourishment for our soul.

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