Elisabetta Fontana


“Modulando”, a line of kinetic jewels that comes from Elisabetta Fontana’s personal inquiries upon the nature of shape and material, and introduces a new way of thinking the jewel, not only as a purely esthetic value, but as an interactive and playful item.The formative process at the Castello Sforzesco Art School, Milan, the dissertation on “modularity and kinetics in jewel design” and the collaboration with artisans and artists such as the sculptor Davide De Paoli, constitute the artistic path of Elisabetta Fontana, between manufacture and industrial processes.Here on Debou we introduce the line “Modulando”, distinctive jewels characterized by dynamicity and geometry of the elements. Circles, squares and rectangles combine through hinges and joints, and create perfect geometries with deep symbolic values.

A short description of your collection.
My jewels are polyvalent and transform through movement. Thanks to the use of hinges and joints, as opposed to the traditional casting technique, I manage to create dynamic, mobile and rotating jewels. “Modulando” comes from an ongoing research upon manufacturing techniques and 3D printing.

What inspires you?
The Golden Ratio, Bauhaus’s techniques and Bruno Mauri’s philosophy, modules in different shapes become the bricks of my collection, graphic marks and archetypical symbols. This line was born from the passion for simplicity and the study of mechanics and joints. A primitive mechanic, childlike, firstly foreseen and then studied. A thought become material, structure and quality.

Your style in three words.
Dynamic, variable, playful.

Detail makes a difference... What’s yours?
The role of simplicity in both project and mechanics. Rings and pendants characterized by mobility and dynamism.

Which object do you wish to design?
I dream about designing items on a human scale, simple and eco-friendly.

If your brand was a song?
Jazz music, creative and versatile.