Kayan Lamp


Pendant lamp featuring soft and sinuous shapes that embrace the innovative low energy bulb by Plumen. 

Kayan suspension lamp is part of the Rumbles family, a line characterized by geometric rumbles that embrace the light source, by shaping a lamp that creates light, but also shade, and a special atmosphere.
The Kayan project started with an important collaboration between the Formaliz3d team and the famous brand Plumen, a producer of low energy bulbs.
The bespoke design of the Kayan lamp perfectly complements the curved silhouettes of the Plumen bulbs (Baby 001).

Nicolas Roppe, Plumen founder, comments:
“This project realised the promise of object printing. We saw the beautiful "Rumbles" range online, made contact with Formaliz3d and just a few days later printed design concepts started arriving at our studio that we could test and experience together with our bulbs. After a couple of rounds of changes "The Rumbles" had a new cousin and the Baby Plumen 001 and Plumen 002 a new inspiring playmate. Sometimes designs take years to produce. Our bulb designs certainly do. So what a thrill it has been to see this product evolve and resolve at the speed of light.”


material: plastic (ABS); fabric table

color: lamp and black cable

dimensions: H22 x 15 x 15 cm; cable length 120 cm (the length can be customized)

more details: E27 plug; Plumen bulb included; 9watt power light


shipping time: 7-12 working days

shipping cost: free above €150, with the exception of products with large volumes. The cost for each order is calculated at check-out during registration.


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