Natale Li Vecchi

Product Designer

Resuttano (Sicilia)

Natale Li Vecchi was born in 1993 and is currently based in Resuttano, a small town in the middle of Sicily, where he works with product design and the study of materials. During his career, he already exhibited at Fuorisalone, Achille Castiglioni Foundation and International Self-Produced Design Exhibition.

Li Vecchi strongly believes in the simplicity of the objects and their capacity of conveying the function rather than providing distractions for the user. In a project management, he always considers the best choice of materials and the possibilities of deepening its most interesting features. For him, the essentiality allows the exclusion of everything that is superfluous, in order to guarantee comfort and functionality to the finished product.

On Debou we present its 3D-printing project, the Boero Lamp.

A short description of your collection.

My first collection presented on Debou consists of the Boero table lamp, a product that combines 3D-printing technology and an artisanal process. Sustainability is also taking into the consideration, as the lamp is made of Biodegradable PLA (a polymer produced from renewable natural resources).
Each lamp undergoes several cycles of a handmade slow sanding process that creates a smooth surface free of imperfections. The electrical components are also assembled manually.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Finding an answer to this question is a bit complicated. Actually, inspiration comes when I least expect it, perhaps from the critical observation of shapes and objects. Also from the will to find a solution to a certain function. But it certainly doesn't have a standard source.

3 adjectives to describe your style.

Functional, essential and pure.

The detail that makes the difference... What's yours?


Which object do you wish to design?

I would like to design a coffee machine.

If your brand was a song?

It's not that easy. I could say Il Canto delle Sirene by Francesco De Gregori.


Natale Li Vecchi

Table lamp produced from the combination 3D-printing technology with an artisanal process.

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