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Guri I Zi is a small town of 10,000 inhabitants, dedicated to sheep farming and subsistence farming at the foot of the mountains in northern Albania. Women are not integrated into the social fabric and there is high female unemployment. 

Since 2006, the Guri I Zi Project aims to promote women's empowerment, through the creation of a unique textile micro-enterprise, and the fulcrum of a beautiful, all-female story.

Started with 4 women, today the Guri I Zi project involves 70 for the most part of which this activity is the only source of income for the entire family unit.

The weaving and tailoring workshop that gathers weavers, embroiderers, and seamstresses is a place of training and, at the same time, an opportunity for many women to meet, giving them a motivation to get out of their homes and find hope and dignity.

The Guri I Zi collections are made of natural organic yarns, such as linen and cotton, coming from entirely eco-compatible and socially responsible textile yarns, to guarantee each product quality and excellence and giving it an unmistakable brilliance and resistance.

In each collection are united different colors in the nuances of nature that are declined in essential and refined lines at the crossroads between tradition and innovation thanks to the constant research carried out by the creative director, Alessandra Dentice di Frasso, professor of the Academy of Fashion and Design of Florence, that exclusively takes care of the design of the Guri I Zi collections.

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