Elisa Vendramin



Elisa Vendramin is an Italian illustrator based in Italy and Iceland.
Through her digital collages, she manages to express intuitions and feelings in series of abstract, poetic and personal illustrations. She plays with the delicate balance between the intricacy of the design and the empty canvas of the page.

A short description of your collection.

Through digital processing, I express my intuitions in abstract, poetic and personal collages. I play with the delicate balance between the intricacy of the design and the empty canvas of the page. The main themes that fascinate me are linked to travelling, discovering distant and secluded places, them being real or imaginary.

What inspires you?

Mainly journeys and stories. However, sometimes a new project erises from visual experimentation with preexistent materials: from photos to maps and textiles. Progressively, through the creation of a collage, the narration itself, the subject, comes to life and becomes the theme of the composition.

Is there a metaphorical place yet to be discovered that you would like to approach?

My main aspiration has always been succeeding in working for the creative industry, while preserving my artistic personality. It is often easier to work in a more ‘commercial’ environment if you adapt to trends and demands dictated by the market, changing your personal style in order to make it more appealing to the consumer. Today, I believe I’ve found a good professional balance, the right compromise between market requirements and my demands as an artist. In the future, my hope is to follow this path and have the chance to test myself in two fields that have always been fascinating to me: pattern design for textiles and teaching.

Your project style in three words.

Evocative, honest, abstract.

If your project was a song?

It would probably be something with a Scandinavian atmosphere, like a song from Hjaltalín or Bon Iver. Definitely something with plenty of bowed string instruments in it.

An artist’s task?

To always be him or herself.


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