Artphabet Letters

Daniele Cima

An alphabet that creates images, instead of words. A collection of typefaces hand-painted on canvas. Each letter is a unique piece.

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The letters of the alphabet were born with the function of transmitting the word. However, typefaces communicate even when they are not used to compose words, and they have their own beauty transcending function. With Artphabet series the typefaces express a visual meaning: each letter is a form, imaginative or bizarre, capable of transforming function into emotion. Inspired by Bauhaus utopian typefaces of the, the collection is composed of colorful letters, designed by recombining simple geometric shapes.

“Each letter becomes an imaginative interpretation. Each letter ceases to carry out a function and takes off towards a liberated existence in which emotions count above all else. Artphabet series are painted on canvas as a single, unique and unrepeatable piece, which is the exact opposite of a preformed printed font. Might it be an incitement to individual freedom from social ties?" Eugenio Alberti Schatz

Each letter is unique, has its own design and color, and is hand painted on canvas with acrylic colors. For some letters, different versions are available, which can be chosen from the color drop-down list.

Each letter can be combined with other letters or numbers from the collection, to compose words and names.


material acrylic on canvas, black frame
colour choose your letter from the color drop-down list
dimensions 21x 21 cm, thickness 3 cm
shipping to Italy 7-12 working days
shipping to Europe 8-14 working days
genre design
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