Marble Ice Cubes Party

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Set of cooling cubes, made of marble and onyx. An innovative system for cooling without ice. The set is including 6 cubes, enough for two glasses, or 3 cubes, for one glass.

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Immediate use if they are stored in freezer, otherwise to get ready to use, it is necessary to leave them in the freezer for at least 4 hours.

The advantage of marble cubes is that they don’t melt and cool the drink without effecting it. They are recommended for alcoholic drinks, perfect for sipping pure whiskey in the right temperature, literally a whiskey on the rocks!

These cubes also convey less bacteria and impurities than traditional ice. Once used, simply just wash them with water (they do not absorb flavors or smells), let them dry in the air and then place them in the frezeer until the next use!

They are a bit bigger than a dice and heavier than ice cube therefore, the don’t float but in the drink glass they will make a great impression that will amaze your friends.

They are less suitable for cocktails based on lemon, orange or "cocacola" due to the high corrosiveness of liquids.


material marble and onyx
colour set of 6 (Black Marquina, White Carrara, Rosa Bellissimo, Red Alicante and Honey Onyx ); set of 3 in two options (Red Alicante, Honey Onyx, White Carrara) or (Black Marquina, White Carrara, Honey Onyx)
dimensions single cube approx. 2x2 cm
more details sacchetto in velluto incluso
shipping to Italy 5-8 working days
shipping to Europe 5-12 working days
genre design
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