«The good cobbler looked at the workmanship; there was not one false stitch in the whole job; all was so neat and true, that it was quite a masterpiece.».

Brothers Grimm, The elves and the shoemaker.

An old and modern tale.

It tells about magic and wonder of manufacturing. About expertise and passion. Labour and time an artisan needs to get a work accurate and precise.

That is what sparked and inspired our story and project: debou.design boutique

An e-commerce platform that creatively combines home and art creations.

We present a collection of artisanal excellence, unique and surprising, created with care and expertise by new international talents.


We research for and select the best independent brands, both Italian and European, exploring workshops, laboratories and ateliers scattered on the territory.

The places of the “savoir faire”, where our designers experiment with new and different materials and manufacturing techniques, bringing to life unique, original and precious creations.

We gather their stories and experiences in order to share the culture and tradition of high-class manufacture, to build a new lifestyle model characterised by quality, research and innovation.

A new way promoting a “light”, sustainable design that recovers and reuses materials in the same way it reinterprets history, in a contemporary light.

We began in Italy, land of artisanal traditions, and then spread abroad bringing with us the quality of our products, coming back with the newfound international culture and style.

We sustain and endorse creativity, inventiveness and the passion for design.
From Italy and Beyond.

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Unique Pieces


Caroline Stante. Founder debou.

Tireless dreamer. Determined warrior.

Ever since childhood, I have always dreamed of creating a magazine focused on lifestyle. Even as a child I used to nurture my passion for design, by collecting periodicals on the subject in each country I visited during my peregrinations.

I always tore pages from the periodicals, took notes and observed the different styles belonging to different places. From Italy, visited and admired from the North to the South, going even southern, reaching Australia.

The spectacular nature and proclivity of Beauty that the Australian continent conveys with such ease, represented for me the invitation, each day getting stronger and stronger, to share and narrate the charm and allure of our country, rich in creativity, art and design of acknowledged excellence.

To conclude, as the shoemaker wisely says in the Grimm’s fairy tale, in order to do things the right way, three are the things we need: time, dedication and passion.

That’s how after years of important experience in the world of business, encompassing marketing for “Barilla” and communications for “Mondadori”, those ideas finally acquired shape and tangible realization.

I started to “walk by myself”.

Passion became a job and the dream became a reality.

That is how debou came to life.


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