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Modular Wall System Ideas
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Modular Wall System Ideas

The shelving system is a creative organizing solution to make the most of the space by managing volumes and lines with extensive customization.

Available in different materials and shapes, in single unit or complete system, the modular shelves give character and flavor to the environments, as they do not hide the objects, but show them, give rhythm and draw lines on the walls.

Neutral or colored, with geometric and linear shapes, in reclaimed wood for homes with an intimate style, in steel for contemporary contexts, the creative puzzle of the shelves has no limits.Open kitchen shelving gives you ample storage space and a lively and dynamic atmosphere; it enhances your pantry by displaying the items of daily use, such as recipe books, mixers, spices, tableware...In the living room, the shelving system freely composed with desired colors and sizes maximise your space and conveys a scenographic effect... a real bookcase to keep your favorite novels, sculptures, but also to add greenery to the home, with vases and flowers that integrate perfectly with objects.In the bedroom, the shelves are transformed into suspended bedside tables, an original and practical solution especially for a better cleaning; or they can help fill the empty space above the headboard, with a single shelf where to display your beloved collections.In the bathroom, the shelves bring greater freshness and brightness, recreating a small oasis of well-being at home. Single, combined with towel rails or integrated with mirrors, they are extremely functional and space-saving.And then, there are the many niches of the house, where the shelf fulfills an anonymous space by framing refined objects, small sculptures, travel memories. They are often shelves whose shape or material itself captures the attention and assumes importance for its design.

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